4 Weeks to PR

Will crushing Back Squats Will crushing Back Squats[/caption] 4 Weeks to PR Are you struggling to push past that plateau? Is your technique mostly there but you need to polish up that “one” position? Do you need a crash course on the lifts? If yes than this program is for you ! [caption id="attachment_7556" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Mike repping Overhead presses Mike repping Overhead presses[/caption] When: Starting Next Monday at 6:30pm Course is : M,W at 6:30pm and then a 3rd Accessory day that can be done at your leisure. What is it: 4 Weeks of Coaching and Programming designed to get you push those Olympic lifts to the next level ! Cost: $40 for Members/ $80 Non Members Programming will consist of Two Days focusing on the Big Lifts (Clean/Jerk and Snatch) and an 3rd day designed to work on your weaknesses. Register Here ! https://gymsingalveston.com/prices-for-crossfit-galveston-membership/ Craftsmen ]]>

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