Kendrick Farris Seminar August 5th

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Kendrick Farris Seminar August 5th

Our one-day workshop hosted by CrossFit Tidal Wave and Galveston Weightlifting is a hands on weightlifting tutorial with American Record Holder (94kg Weight Class: C&J 211kg/465Lb with a 377kg/831Lb Total) and Olympian Kendrick Farris where athletes and coaches get a natural feel for the snatch and clean&jerk. We’ll breakdown common weightlifting myths and teach individuals – whether they be coaches, athletes, or aspiring weekend warriors – how to feel what’s right with movements to help build a sound foundation of fundamentals. Over the past 19 years Kendrick has been training and competing on the highest level, and he loves to share his experience and knowledge with people that are striving to get better. The BlessTheGym workshop is designed to help individuals learn to do the movements to the best of their abilities, as well as continue to shed light on the benefits and exciting things happening in the sport of weightlifting. $115 for the seminar. Reserve your spot to train with an Olympian and Record Holder ! What to expect:

  • Learn the key points to weightlifting
  • Learn how to move
  • Learn to listen to your body Typical Schedule:
    • 08:55am … Meet with Kendrick and/or (Coach)
    • 09:00 … Workshop begins (snatch)
    • 10:30 … Full lifts up to 80%
    • 11:00 … Pictures

      Reserve your spot !


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