Member of the Month: Taylor Kraft

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Member of the Month: Taylor Kraft

Member of the Month: Taylor Kraft at CrossFit Tidal Wave So, what brought you to CrossFit Tidal Wave?

I was introduced to CrossFit Tidal Wave through a mutual friend and the first beach wod.

What made you stay? I stayed with Tidal Wave because it was convenient…JUST KIDDING! I’ve worked out at several different boxes in the area and I truly feel that the coaching and programming are the best. The workouts can leave you worn out at times but there’s a method to the madness and you will see increases in all major lifts and general endurance.

The environment is also amazing! I always go into a class knowing a couple people and I try to introduce myself to others. I’ve gained new friends and have made positive changes in my life due to Crossfit and the community at Tidal Wave.

How long have you been CrossFitting?

I’ve been cross fitting for almost a year now.

What are some of your goals?

400# Squat, 200# Snatch, 275# clean and jerk and getting a muscle up!!!

Have they been met?

I only listed the ones above b/c I’ve already achieved tons of others. 400# DL, 315# bench, and 225# OHS x2

Member of the Month: Taylor Kraft at CrossFit Tidal Wave

Best lifts? My best lifts are probably bench, dead lifts, snatches, and jerks.

Member of the Month: Taylor Kraft at CrossFit Tidal Wave

Body Composition Changes to mention?  My body has changed a lot! If you knew me at the beginning of the year you may have noticed quite a big difference! I’ve lost close to 20 lbs.,  lost a lot of fat in my arms, legs, and stomach (even though there’s plenty to lose there!). I find that I have more energy and my mobility/range of motion has increased a lot  as well.

Member of the Month: Taylor Kraft at CrossFit Tidal Wave

What do you do out there in the real world? In the real world I’m a shipping agent, student and rugby player. My job keeps me too busy sometimes but it pays the gym membership!

Do you have a favorite lift? My favorite lifts are dead lifts, snatches, and jerks (the same as my strong lifts…DIDNT SEE THAT ONE COMING!!!). There’s just a feeling of raw/explosive yet controlled power about the lifts. You have to be technically sound otherwise you won’t be able to lift heavy weights!

Member of the Month: Taylor Kraft at CrossFit Tidal Wave

Power or Olympic? I prefer Polymper lifting. It’s a power/Olympic lifting hybrid!

Your favorite WOD?  The Nina! She had me on my back, drenched in sweat and out of breath for a long while!!! (Editor’s Note: Awkward….)

CrossFit Tidal Wave Competitor Taylor Kraft

Any changes to brag about? I’ve gotten stronger and leaner. I need to clean up my diet (and keep it that way!) when I first started Crossfit I couldn’t do more than 5 strict pull-ups, hand stand push ups and I didn’t have impressive numbers for the main lifts! Now my numbers aren’t terrible (there’s always room to improve) and I’m easily one of the most “well-known” people at the gym…which may not be a good thing! 

Member of the Month: Taylor Kraft at CrossFit Tidal Wave

Anything else to add? 

I love Crossfit but I LOVE Crossfit Tidalwave! I’ve seen a lot of amazing changes and I hope to continue making them. The time and effort I’ve put in has transferred to rugby and helped me make the Houston Area All-Star Rugby team! I have plenty of goal set and the ones I’ve accomplished I wouldn’t be able to without Crossfit tidalwave. My advice to newcomers/first timers, we all started at the bottom but the progress can be seen all you have to do is put in the time and effort! I would also like to give a couple shout-outs to people that have made my experience truly unique and amazing! beauty Can I do shoutouts? Shoutouts: Elliot Christ, Russell Moore, and Chris Malborough – Y’all have the standard set and hopefully I’ll make it up to your level! Oscar Masters – One day I’ll look as good as you with my shirt off! Elizabeth Rogers – Seriously the best workout partner I could ever ask for! You’re encouraging and your positive energy brightens everyone’s day! (except for Kyle’s) tay3 Grace Dishongh – For being a pain in my a** and making me push myself harder and inspiring me to clean up my diet (kind of) JP, Kara, Steve Dryden, Kyle Meinhart – One day my cardio will be as good as yours…but not this day. And to everyone else at Crossfit Tidalwave (namely Johnny Diaz, Sara Peeples, the new guy Ben, Juli la Rocca, Marissa, Destiny, Amanda, and Khan) y’all make the experience amazing and they only thing better than hitting a PR of my own is seeing you guys pushing yourselves and continuously hitting and passing your goals! Keep up the amazing work and I’ll see you at the box! tay 1]]>

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