Member of the Month: Chuck Ihli

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Member of the Month: Chuck Ihli

Member of the Month: Chuck Ihli ! Member of the Month: Chuck Ihli This month we will be spotlighting Chuck Ihli as our Member of the Month. Chuck has show the constant dedication to self improvement by a mixture of hard work and humility. So, what brought you to CrossFit Tidal Wave? I initially came to CrossFit Tidal Wave looking for something different than the normal, ordinary gym routine I was stuck in at the time and really wanted to challenge myself. However, I had been to a few other CrossFit gyms in the past and I left with a bad taste in my mouth every time. So, what made me decide to join CrossFit Tidal Wave? From the moment I walked in the door, I knew it was different. The coaches’ knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and their overall focus on quality movement patterns and injury prevention was something that I had not come across during my time at other CrossFit gyms. Along with the great coaching and programming, the immediate sense of community was something that made coming to the gym even more enjoyable. For me, in order to reach my personal fitness goals and to be challenged every step of the way, signing on was a no-brainer. Member of the Month: Chuck Ihli How long have you been CrossFitting? Steady, close to 3 months now. Member of the Month: Chuck Ihli What do you do out there in the real world? I am a 2nd year Physical Therapy student at UTMB. Member of the Month: Chuck Ihli Do you have a favorite lift? Power or Olympic? I would have to say either deadlifts or power cleans. Member of the Month: Chuck Ihli Your favorite WOD? Any WOD that does not involve failing at Frog Stands, repeatedly. Favorite Song to do the WOD? Anything with Lil Wayne in it, Shaun’s favorite! Any changes to brag about? I’ve lost around 2.5 inches off my waist while dropping around 8lbs. I’ve seen dramatic increases in lean muscle mass, muscle endurance and overall performance on all the different lifts and WOD’s. What are your current goals? When I first started, I was around 195lbs and I was aiming to get down to around 180-185lbs. But for me, once I started noticing the changes with my body happening and started putting on lean muscle mass, my goals began to deviate away from weight loss based goals to more performance based and fat loss goals. Performance wise, I’m aiming to deadlift over 400lbs and increase my overall performance on the gymnastic based WOD’s. Anything else to add? CrossFit Tidal Wave is legit. **drops the mic.. slowly walks away..**]]>

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