Member of the Month: Eryn Leffers

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Member of the Month: Eryn Leffers

Member of the Month: Eryn Leffers 11048732_432734533575626_142778953514211007_n So, what brought you to CrossFit Tidal Wave/Mainland?    I blame Kevin!  Ok, I guess I should thank Kevin 🙂 10397254_288982607950820_893503067578185117_o   He was interested in CrossFit for a while.  We never lived close enough to a box so he would find WODs that we could do at a local gym. Once we found out that Tidal Wave was open he convinced me to try it out.  I was incredibly nervous and fortunately, my first time was a fun beach WOD. beach wod jan #3 What made you stay?   So many things!  The variety of work-outs, the challenge, my noticeable progress, and the amazing people.  I tried running, training at a regular gym, P90X, etc but I would lose motivation after a few months.  The coaches keep me motivated and so many members inspire me on a regular basis.   How long have you been CrossFitting?   A little over two years.  I started with just a few days a week and worked my way up to 5 or 6 classes a week.   What are some of your goals? Have they been met?   I like to pick a date to achieve a certain goal or small improvement.  That’s how I pushed myself to do my first chest to bar and I recently (by recent I mean today!) met my goal of doing 50 consecutive double-unders.  I think I could have done more but I got so excited once I hit 50 that let go of my rope and it went flying across the gym!   Best lifts?   Cleans are definitely my favorite right now but I would love to work-on overhead lifts in general.  I never knew I liked lifting so much until I started CrossFit. Murph Benefits you have noticed? Any changes to brag about?   I’ve developed strength and gained muscle that I’ve never had before.  It’s exciting that I’m in my 30s and in the best shape of my life. I never imagined I would be doing strict pull-ups, handstand push-ups and Olympic lifting at this stage in my life. 1957677_246762432172838_1504799717_o What do you do out there in the real world?   I am a veterinary cardiologist.  Yes, you read that right.  Most people don’t know my job exists but if your four legged friend ever develops a heart problem, I’m your girl!   Your favorite WOD?   Helen is my favorite for sentimental reasons.  I did that WOD for the first time with Kevin and my family as a pre-wedding work-out. Completely by coincidence, on our one-year anniversary we walked into Tidal Wave and saw Helen on the board.  The best part is that the year before I was doing pull-ups with a band.  On our one-year anniversary I was able to do all the pull-ups unassisted – definitely a milestone for me! Helen WOD Biggest CrossFit Accomplishment?   I’ve had so many small accomplishments along the way but I would say competing in ALOTO was the best one to date.  Competing was never on my to do list and somehow I got talked into it (you ladies know who you are!).  It ended up being a blast and it was truly amazing watching the strength of endurance of all the ladies competing. ALOTO2 ]]>

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