Member of the Month: Juli

  So, what brought you to CrossFit Tidal Wave? Awesome and experienced trainers, intense full-body workouts that never become routine, and a strong sense of community from day 1. How long have you been CrossFit Training? 2 months now Member of the Month: Juli What do you do out there in the real world? I’m in my third year of medical school at UTMB. Do you have a favorite lift? Power or Olympic? THRUSTERS! Your favorite WOD? Any WOD that leaves you in a heap on the floor afterward Favorite Song to do the WOD? Rocky theme song Member of the Month: Juli Any changes to brag about? I’ve lost about 9% body fat since starting and replaced it with muscle. Get your tickets… Member of the Month: Juli What are your current goals? Stronger, faster, leaner Anything else to add? “Believe in yourself, Trust the process, Change forever”]]>

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