Push Jerk and Burpee Sprints

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Push Jerk and Burpee Sprints

eryn jerk   Today we are finishing up the Power Jerk Strength cycle by testing our new 1 rep maxes. The Jerk requires a understanding of timing utilizing the drive and dip so if you are new to this lift you should be mastering the myriad of regressions and drills available. Posture should be tight and braced throughout the jerk. The lifter should remember that the lower body is the primary force generator and the core is functioning to stabilize and redirect force. The most typical error demonstrated by novice lifter is a flexed thoracic spine. Pay close attention to extend the thoracic spine (vertically) to keep a neutral position. Once you are set up in the proper position, the next step is to utilize the stretch shortening cycle to finish the lift. You should dip with the knees slightly out. The upper body should remain almost completely vertical to reduce forward movement of the bar (bench pressing it up). Coach’s Tip: If the bar is sliding down your chest this will put the bar forward of your center of mass and the bar will accelerate slower than the rest of the body. Typically this error will lead to the bar being driven forward. Strength Workout (SWOD) 5/3/1 Power Jerks greer jerk Workout of the Day Every minute on the minute (EMOTM) 16mins Even: 3 Hang Power Cleans (135/85) Odd: 30 sec Burpee Sprint Score is total number of burpees This workout is a challenging couplet. The weight selection should be challenging for you as if you go too light you are either not going to get a training effect or not have enough feedback to polish technique. Really work on grazing those hips with the bar and getting that fast elbow turnover. Galveston CrossFit Crossfit yogagray burpeekim rdl2]]>

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