Push Jerk and Front Rack Lunges

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Push Jerk and Front Rack Lunges

crossfit tidal wave jerk Coaches Corner: Push Jerk Tips The Rack Ready Position: Feet should be shoulder width apart, pointed straight. The bar should be held across the front of the shoulders (in between the clavicle and the deltoid), resting on the finger tips with hands open and triceps parallel to the ground. Initiation/Execution The Dip: Minor flexion of the knees and hips into a quarter squat position. After reaching the proper depth you quickly go into triple extension to lift the bar off the shoulders.  At this point the bar should be floating. The Drop: Once the bar leaves the shoulders you will flex the hips and knees in preparation for the drop. As the bar travels upward, the elbows will go into complete extension with wrists the athlete will straighten. Completion Reminder: The lift is not completed until you are at full extension and show control of the lift. Strength WOD (SWOD) 4 x 5 Push Jerk (60,65,70,75) A2. 3 x 5 Crossover Hip Mobilizations push jerk galveston crossfit Workout of the Day (WOD) 20-15-10 Shoulder to Over Head (95/65) Front Rack Lunges *Every time you drop the bar = 5 burpees haley shoulder to over headshoulder to overheadsplit jerk CrossFit Tidal Wave]]>

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