Push Power Jerk and Intervals

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Push Power Jerk and Intervals

This week we are maintaining our progress in the 5/3/1 strength protocol with Push Power Jerks.

Olympic weightlifting is a relatively conservative sport in terms of its techniques. The clean and jerk lifts are dominated by the split style used by the vast majority of athletes of today and in the past decades. The classic split jerk is mostly chosen due to the distinct opportunity to lower the body in the jerk phase to a decent level with the greater stability.

However, as you advance in your technique, you may have noticed that there’s a limit to your speed, balance, and shoulder flexibility. This usually leads you to learn the split jerk, which gives you much greater speed under the bar as you can get lower faster than the power jerk. Also, with one foot forward and the other one back, you have much more stability and wiggle room in case you pushed the bar too far forward or back.

There were other alternatives to the split style jerking offered by various athletes throughout the decades of the development of the sports.

Today we are utilizing the Power Jerk. This is mainly because it is the most simple way to learn the principles of how to get under a heavy bar quickly. It’s also the fastest one to use during a workout because the recovery consists only of standing up from a quarter squat.

Power/Push Jerk:

*Easy to learn

*Fast for workout purposes

*Less depth, so harder to get under heavier weights

Strength WOD

5 x 3 Push Power Jerk

Liz strength wod at crossfit tidal wave

WOD (Workout of the day) 3mins Max Reps 1min Rest A. Hang Power Snatch and Overhead Squat (75% 1rm of OH Squat) B. Goblet Squats (53/35) C. Ab WheelsHang Power Snatch to Over Head at CrossFit Tidal Wave

Goblet Squats Todays WOD CrossFit Tidal Wave

Ab Wheel Todays WOD CrossFit Tidal Wave



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