Push Press and Box Jump

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Push Press and Box Jump

CrossFit Tidal Wave Today’s strength workout is a continuation of the 5/3/1 for the Push Press. Now we are utilizing an explosive movement prior to the lift to help increase CNS recruitment. The CNS, if you don’t already know, is the Central Nervous System. It’s comprised of the brain and spinal cord and is the absolute control unit of all aspects of your life. From your breathing, to your sleeping, to your talking, to your mating, without this puppy you are nothing! When can ramp up the CNS prior to your lift to help lift increased poundages. While this is still relatively new to the S&C world, it is a worthwhile tool in the tool box for most. Strength Workout (SWOD) A. 5 x 3 Push Press (50,60,65,75,85%) 1min Rest box jumpCrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston Today’s workout of the day is based around Tempo training. The movements are identical movements to the SWOD but are decreased poundages. The goal of the WOD is to find a tempo to allow you to continues working throughout the workout. The goal of the WOD is sustained effort as opposed to rushing to failure. Workout of the Day ( WOD) 4 Rounds 1 min Shoulder to OverHead (115/75) 1min Box Jumps ( Scale down one height) 30 sec rest then 100 Abmats (not for time)]]>

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