Rope Climbs and 1000m Row

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Rope Climbs and 1000m Row

rope climb Galveston CrossFit Today we continue along the gymnastics curriculum with the Rope Climb as well as some unilateral leg work and a little performed kettlebell movement. Rope climbs are an effective functional exercise in our training program. They are fun and demand numerous physical skills to perform. Even if you are not be able to get up the rope yet, there are effective ways to scale climbs so you can still benefit from the movement. Climbing the rope is not just about strength; you must utilize good technique and footwork to climb efficiently. Here are a few tips to perfect your rope climb: Use your feet and legs as much as possible! This not only makes climbing easier and faster, but safer as well. Take the extra time to get a good “lock” with your feet and legs. If the rope is slipping between your feet, you are forced to use your upper body more than necessary to keep from sliding back down the rope. Get as much distance with each pull as possible. To do this, bring your feet as high as you can each pull and then stand up and reach as high as you can for your next pull. Less pulls = less work and faster rope climbs! Don’t just slide down the rope after you get to the top. Minimize rope burn by descending in a hand over hand fashion, while keeping your feet and legs on the rope for safety. Lastly, wear pants or tall socks! Nobody likes rope burn! Strength Workout (SWOD) 3 Sets 8 Split Squats 4 KettleBell Windmills 2 Rope Ascents windmill monica Workout of the Day (WOD) 1000m Row Re Test 1000m row Galveston CrossFit]]>

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