Shed The Holiday Sweater: A 12 Week Program

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Shed The Holiday Sweater: A 12 Week Program

—> SIGN UP HERE <—   We know how those delicious holiday dinners pack the pounds on and we would love to help you shed the holiday weight! Our body composition/fitness challenge is VERY different than your average weight loss challenge! You will see real, measurable results, not just a number on a scale. If you want to start living a healthier lifestyle, have more strength, more endurance and CHANGE YOUR BODY then this challenge is for you! We WILL help you reach your goals!   There will be beginner CrossFit program starting near the New Year for people wanting to try or start CrossFit but are intimidated or uncomfortable joining the regular classes. —> SIGN UP HERE <—

Shed The Holiday Weight using Crossfit! Hosted by @XFitTidalWave in Galveston, TX

The Holiday Sweater Challenge includes:

*Body composition analysis ($100 value) – You will have your body fat % and lean muscle mass calculated with one of the most accurate devices in the world (The Bod Pod)! This is not some inaccurate/inconsistent caliper test or some crappy electronic gadget someone bought off eBay. This is the same device the Houston Texans use! A before and after test will be conducted so that you can see how much you have really improved.

*Nutritional/Supplement advice- We will be holding nutrition seminars and will help you make changes to your diet that will help you meet your goals. You will have expert nutritional advice available to you at all times! *Goal Setting- We will go over your goals with you and help outline what steps you need to reach them *Team Support- You will have a team leader to give advice and support as well as working with a team that will work with you to reach your goals and help hold you accountable. *Team Workouts- There will be special workouts with one on one coaching held for each team to help work on different skills and weaknesses *Fitness Performance Test- We will be conducting a before and after fitness test so you can measure your improvement. *An awesome, limited edition Holiday Sweater 2014 T-shirt *The Program fee does not include membership.  This must be purchased separately.     This challenge is for ALL FITNESS LEVELS! The cost to join the challenge will be $95 (this is less than the cost of the Bod Pod testing alone) and there will be an awesome prize pack for the winning team!   Are you interested? —> SIGN UP HERE <—]]>

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