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Sign Up for Classes !

attention Starting tomorrow, if you are not signed up for a class and the class has more than 12 people you will be asked to wait for the next class. Workouts are designed for “x” amount of people for the “x” amount of equipment. Also, when we get more than our cap I can not provide adequate amount of attention to each one of you. Methods of signing up: A. Via our website at Or for your phones. Save this page to the homescreen on your phone. B. Sign up for the following day’s classes while in the facility. C. Sending me a facebook message at least 30mins in advance. No more “It is 7:59 I am coming to the 8am class” D. Competitors, please sign up as well. E. If a class is full online, you can show up and take your chances but realize if there are 12 people signed up, the class is full unless someone no-shows. “Can you squeeze me in?” will not be allowed. Sorry folks, but we have 10 classes a day for a reason. This 11:30 class today we had 18 people here for the workout, which meant I had to change the programming and spend about 2mins with each person in the class tops.]]>

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