Split Squat and Rowing Intervals

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Split Squat and Rowing Intervals

Galveston crossfit Today’s Strength WOD continues in the same pattern as yesterday using lighter weights, slightly higher reps, and doing some additional skill work in the SWOD. The first movement is the Bulgarian Split Foot (rear foot elevated) for a set of eight. You can weight this goblet style, use a barbell, weighted vest, etc. A couple of quick technique points: • Obviously, you can’t do the exercise without elevating your rear foot. An exercise bench works for most, but if you find the stretch to the quads and hip flexors of your elevated leg is too extreme or uncomfortable, switch to a slightly lower box or step. • You want to rest the top of your foot on the bench, even though it may be uncomfortable for you, especially if you’re used to doing this exercise with your toe on the bench. It may be easier for you to do it that way with lighter loads, but with heavier loads it’s not — the range of motion is longer, and your balance will be worse. The next movement is a Waiter’s Carry with a Bottom’s Up Kettlebell. Technique Cues: Part of the battle is just getting into the initial position, so I’d play the conservative card and use a light(er) KB to start with. Grip the handle as hard as you can and then extend your arm. Try to “pack” the shoulder and set the scapulae in place. The third movement is the Side Plank. Most people with any training have done this one before but because of poor body awareness I see this movement in particular butchered. You should be a straight line with EVERYTHING engaged. Squeeze your glutes! Strength Workout (SWOD) A. 8 Bulgarian Split Squats 20 sec rest B. 1 Trip Bottom’s Up Waiter’s Carry 20 sec Rest C. 30 sec Side Plank R&L 3 sets bottoms up carry Workout of the Day (WOD) In teams of Two or Three complete as many 500m rows as possible in twelve minutes by rotating partner’s every 500m. ( Stroke rate is the number of strokes you take per minute, or spm. The  display shows this number in the upper right corner. Rowing harder does not necessarily mean your stroke rate is faster. As you increase your intensity, try to keep your spm between 24 and 30 for most workouts, and 36 or below when racing). Total Meters for Score Sara Peeples rowing at CrossFit Tidal Wave]]>

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