Stick to those Resolutions with CrossFit

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Stick to those Resolutions with CrossFit

We are a few weeks away from the new year and new year’s resolutions are starting to creep into our thoughts.  We ALL know how that goes.  We’ve all done it, make a resolution and as excited as we are to make this major life change our plan never really gets off the ground (or we get two weeks in and our plan falls apart). The most common new years resolution in the country is to lose weight/increase physical well being.  Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  Being healthy can effect nearly every area of your life in a positive way, yet 88% of people fail at their new year’s resolution!  How can we keep failing at something so incredibly important?!?  At CrossFit Tidal Wave we’re out to change that and we feel that, with our program, you WILL be successful at reaching your goals THIS year. Here’s why we feel we’re the best option for people who actually want to be successful with their resolutions this year: 1: RESULTS – There is no better encouragement to stay on course with your resolution than to see results!  Many people see faster and more impressive results using CrossFit methodology than other types of fitness programs.  Use of interval training, shorter and more intense workouts as well as different movements than other programs, combined with strength training can get you results fast.  Despite some of the bad press CrossFit has received for being “too intense”, our superior coaching and workout programming combined with the ability to scale the intensity and movements helps to keep you injury free and get great results.  If you put the work in the results you get at CrossFit Tidal Wave will keep your motivation sky high! 2: SUPPORT – Our mission in life is to help you achieve your fitness goals!!!  We can help you set achievable goals and our coaches will bend over backwards to help you meet them.  Our coaches are an open book and enjoy sharing their knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle.  There will always be someone to answer your questions, motivate you and support your fitness goals in any way. 3: ACCOUNTABILITY – Your coaches AND your fellow crossfitters will always hold you accountable.  We’re not a normal gym where they just want you to pay and hope you never show up.  WE want you coming in and we want you engaged.  Don’t be surprised to get an email or text message asking where you’ve been or letting you know the great WOD (Workout Of the Day) you missed! 4: COMMUNITY – It won’t take long for you to realize that at CrossFit Tidal Wave you are more than “just another member”.  You are part of the CrossFit Tidal Wave family!  Being in an environment with positive, like minded people can change your whole outlook on “going to the gym”.  Rather than being just another bored person on the treadmill you’ll be a part of a group.  You’ll be greeted by name, you’ll make new friends and you’ll be missed when you don’t show up.  You may very well find that what seemed to be a chore at another gym is now, at CrossFit Tidal Wave, the most enjoyable part of your day! If you are ready to have fun, burn fat, get stronger and really make changes this new year come check out CrossFit Tidal Wave and start the journey toward a healthier you! CrossFit Tidal Wave is better understood if experienced. [gravityform id="1" title="true" description="true"]]]>

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