Super Secret Diet Protocol

Happy Client![/caption] First let’s ask a couple of quick questions before the Oracle of Nutrition Enlightenment has been unfurled. A. What are your body composition goals? (fat loss, muscle gain, if you say “toning”….just stop) A2. Are you eating like you should to meet that goal? If not, stop reading now. You are not ready. Chances are you know how yous hould be eating and are making willing choices that moving you further away from your goal rather than closer. Go do that now and stop reading. Super Secret Diet Protocol CrossFit Tidal Wave B. How many meals are you eating per day? Are they made of food ? Like with ingredients that you can recognize? How many calories? How many grams of protein?  Carbs?  Fat? When’s the last time you ate fruit or vegetables?  Consistently? How much water are you consuming on a daily basis? If you are not tracking any of this….you are not ready. Start tracking these, write them down, put them in an app, something….you can’t just guess and get results. Super Secret Diet Protocol CrossFit Tidal Wave Things you have to know  to qualify for The Protocol: 1. How many calories you need to maintain your body composition you are now with no activity (your BMR) First we need to figure out your maintenance calories. I use some formulas that I’ve found to be effective as starting points, making some adjustments for bodyfat levels.




6%-12% 17cal per pound of LBM
12.1%-15% 16cal per pound of LBM
15.1%-19% 15cal per pound of LBM
19.1%-22% 14cal per pound of LBM
22.1% or above 13cal per pound of LBM
2. Adjust it accordingly toward your goal (300 calories a day deficit or surplus normally for long term change) 3,600 calories = a pound gained or lost 3. Normally a ratio of 40% P/30% C/30% F gets the job done for fat loss, and 40%C/30%P/30%F for muscle gain. Super Secret Diet Protocol CrossFit Tidal Wave If you have not calculated this out then the super fat loss protocol is TOO EXTREME for you. Stop reading and do the above. C. Post Workout nutrition? Are you consuming a 2:1 carb to protein meal close to post workout? If not, stop reading and start doing that. You are not ready for the Super Secret Fat Loss protocol! D. Recovery and Sleep? Are you taking time to adequately recover from your workouts and getting enough sleep to adequately recover from your intense training? If not… know the drill…. You get stronger outside the gym. Okay….for the few of you that have made it this far… ready to have your Rogue socks knocked off! Super Secret Fat Loss Protocol REVEALED ! Oh … can’t see it? It was clearly written above. You must have missed something from above! Go back and make sure you do everything written above and I promise it will appear.]]>

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