Team Body Comp Challenge: Rules

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Team Body Comp Challenge: Rules

BODY COMPOSITION CHALLENGE RULES AND WOD 1/31/13 Okay Folks, Here is the rundown on the Body Composition Challenge. Goal: To positively impact performance, well being, nutrition, and body composition as much as possible in 60 days. Rules: 1. Must have an active membership 2. Must weigh in, take measurements, PLEASE TAKE YOUR OWN BEFORE PICTURES FRONT AND SIDE, and a performance test at the beginning and end of challenge to qualify for the prize. 3. Must average two workouts a week at least. 4. I will give nutritional guidelines and will be available for help but I will not say “Do Paleo/Zone/South Beach/Blood Type” diet. Everyone is different. Start Date: 6/20 End Date : 8/20]]>

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