Thruster WOD

thruster kevin Occasionally at CrossFit Tidal Wave we have “JUST” a MetCon for our workout. I know this drifts away from the Strength bias our gym but it allows us to focus 100% on barreling through the task at hand without worrying about holding back for the “WOD”.

A good front rack position will help you enormously. Athletes burn out their arms all the time when they support the weight on their vertical forearms.

Not only is tiring your arms out unnecessary, it is also riskier. With your elbows pointing down and with you no doubt under fatigue, your downward-pointed elbows can make contact with your knees and you can sprain or even fracture your wrist.

A good front rack position will also allow you to use the body driving up and “float” that bar off your shoulders. This results in less effort to press that bar overhead.

Nice parallel forearms are what we want to see!

Workout of the Day 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters (95/65) Bar Hops Double Unders bar hop 2 bar hop]]>

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