What to expect in our CrossFit Classes?

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What to expect in our CrossFit Classes?

CrossFit classes into sections:

  1. Dynamic warm up – not jogging on a treadmill for 5 minutes, but jumps, jumping jacks, jump rope, squats, push ups, lunges, pull ups.  Functional movements, stretches, and mobility work that compliment the movements you’ll be doing in the workout that day.
  2. Skill/Strength work: If it’s a strength day, then you’ll work on a pure strength movement (like squats or deadlifts).  If it’s not a strength day, then you’ll work on a skill and try to improve, like one-legged squats or muscle ups.
WOD: the workout of the day.   This is where you’ll be told to do a certain number of reps of particular exercises as quickly as possible, or you’ll have a set time limit to do as many of a certain exercise as possible.
  4. Cool down and stretching.  Either as a group, or you’re allowed to stretch out on your own. Do some corrective exercise or chat with the people you just persevered with.
But can’t I just do this at the house or at my regular gym? Now, there are a few issues with following CrossFit at home or by yourself in a gym:
  • Nobody is checking your form – CrossFit requires many incredibly specific movements, if you start by yourself at home, you’ll never know if you’re doing them wrong and could severely hurt yourself as you increase the amount of weights with which you work.
  • Nobody is cheering you on – A HUGE part of CrossFit is the supportive community aspect that comes with each gym.  I guarantee you’d finish a workout a few seconds (or minutes) faster if you had 50 people screaming your name and cheering you toward the finish line.
  • You probably don’t have all of the equipment – If you’re working out at home, you probably don’t have a full squat rack,  bumper plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, and so on….so you’ll often be creating your own workouts that are modified versions of the online versions.
  • You will want to buy all of the equipment – The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it properly. This might not cost as much as an actual box, but it will cost.
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