Why get a Coach? Work Capacity

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Why get a Coach? Work Capacity

First, be honest with yourself. Are you really following the WOD as prescribed/designed? Or are you substituting exercises, extending recommended rest periods, getting water between every exercise and generally stumbling through feigned intensity? Second, train with a REAL coach (not a hobbyist Youtube expert) and a group of motivating people. Find out what your work capacity really is. Chances are you are leaving more in the tank than you think. You may dig deep and discover that you do have three more reps in you, or you’re capable of using more weight or taking a 3 second rest instead of a 10sec rest. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="365"]Why get a Coach? Work Capacity Yes they exist[/caption] The lesson here is easy: You’re capable of more than you think. Now go change your mind]]>

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