Hang Clean and Diane CrossFit

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Hang Clean and Diane CrossFit

Melody Hang Power Clean at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, TX Amber Hang Power Clean at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, TX This is a mistake that I see all too often and with serious consequences.  Athletes are told and made to start from the floor with the power clean when in truth they have no ability to get down to the start position and maintain any semblance of structural integrity. The true start position for the clean is uncomfortable, to say the least.  It requires hip mobility, ankle mobility, thoracic spine mobility, and tremendous trunk stability.  Most athletes are lacking in at least one of these areas. Lacking the mobility and stability to actually achieve these positions means that an athlete will default to easier patterns to get to a bar resting on the ground. Typically, this will mean that they will achieve the movement from lumbar flexion, and then the cycle of back injuries occur. How to Set Up the Bar: 1, Cover your laces with the bar, brace the core and lock in the lats. 2. RDL to my knees. 3. Squat to the bar. The first step is really about verifying that I have the proper relation to the bar and that my body is prepared to maintain a stable position throughout the lift. Keeping the bar close to the body on the initial lift-off will allow for the most efficient bar path while maintaining the right position. Making an RDL movement to the knees allows my hips to be behind the bar. Getting the hips away from the bar will allow the hips to remain loaded throughout the lift. Squatting to the bar maintains a consistent torso angle down to the start position, meaning that on lift-off the shoulders will remain forward of the bar. WOD (workout of the day) “Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlifts (225/155) HandStand Push Ups Jene doing a deadlift at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, TX Handstands at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, TX]]>

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