Let's Go Anaerobic!

Five sets of: A. Hang Power Clean x 3 reps (70, 80, 85, 90, 92) Rest 60 seconds B. DB Bench x 8 Rest 60 seconds C. Russian Swings x 15 Rest 60 seconds D. GHD Sit Ups x 10 Rest 60 seconds Dumbbell Bench Press at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, TX Hang Power Clean at CrossFit Tidal Wave Galveston, Texas GHD Situps at CrossFit Tidal Wave Galveston, Texas Katherine Kettlebell Swings at CrossFit Tidal Wave Galveston, Texas Kettlebell Bench Press at CrossFit Tidal Wave Galveston, Texas

Coaches Corner: In terms of pure power output very little athletes can do in the weight room compares to the power clean. The power output of a power clean dwarfs movements like the bench press, squat and deadlift by three fold. Improve sports performance Increasing speed and strength are the fastest ways to get better on the field. By training with loads at high velocities the clean is  the best tool to simultaneously train both qualities.  Many of the most important tasks in sports rely on well-timed sequential movements. The timing of the power clean mimics many of those movements, and shares movement qualities like explosive hip extension. This improved timing is great to improve sports performance. Get stronger I haven’t run into many people that are legitimately strong in the power clean that aren’t also strong squatters, deadlifters, and many times, even bench pressers. The power clean is a great total body movement that develops type II muscle fibers unlike much of the rest of the weightroom. If an athlete has the strength to get in positions for the power clean they will have the strength to move serious weight around in the rest of the weightroom. There are two ways to grasp the bar in the power clean.
  • The first is the simple grip in which the athlete grabs the bar with an overhand grip and thumbs wrapped around the bar.  This grip will not be sufficient to lift heavier weights. It is necessary then to use the hook grip to pick up some serious weight.  The only reasons a simple grip should be employed is in the case of a thumb injury or some other lack of mobility in the thumb.

  • The second is the hook grip which is actually pretty simple to complete. The athlete should grasp the bar overhand like normal and before wrapping their fingers closed, should place their thumb inside of their grip. Simple.
There will be some discomfort in maintaining this grip for novice athletes but this will subside over time. (Note: Don’t trim your thumbnails too short before using the hook grip, pain will ensue).]]>

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