Gymnastics and a METCON

Today’s WOD  Gymnastics and a METCON SWOD 45 sec ON/ 15 sec Off

  1.  HandStand Hold
  2.  Ring Fall Out
  3. Ring Dip Hold (top)
[caption id="attachment_788" align="alignnone" width="300"]Gymnastics and a METCON at CrossFit Tidal Wave Oscar does a Gymnastic Hold[/caption] WOD 1min Each/ Reps for score A. Row for Calories B. Med Ball Cleans (20/14) C. Pallof Hold D. Over Head Lunges (45/25) E. Rest [caption id="attachment_789" align="alignnone" width="179"]Gymnastics and a METCON at CrossFit Tidal Wave Kyle and Lu sprint out the rower[/caption] 3 rounds]]>

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