High Pulls and Lateral Burpees

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High Pulls and Lateral Burpees

Today’s WOD  High Pulls and Lateral Burpees While hypertrophy isn’t normally the province of Olympic lifting, here’s your opportunity to get creative like a weightroom Picasso and implement some sneaky strategies to gain massive size from the O lifts. A snatch high pull was first used by Olympic weightlifters to build power for the snatch. This exercise requires you to pull the bar over a great distance — quickly — using your legs, hips and upper back. Any sort of high pull allows you to work your upper back heavily through multiple planes of motion, working your trapezius — the large muscle that covers your upper back — from more than one angle. The pull on the snatch can be used to teach power production, and generates more power than nearly any other lift ever recorded, according to a study published in 1980 in “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.”   SWOD Snatch Grip High Pull x 4 1 min Plank 1 min Rest 4 Rounds High pulls at Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Texas WOD 5min AMRAP Snatch Grip Deadlift (Weight you finished High Pulls with) 10 Lateral Burpees 1min Rest Deadlift 10 Lateral Burpees Lateral Burpees at Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Texas]]>

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