Snatches and 400m Runs

Snatches and 400m Runs 6 DB Snatch and L-R Lunge Snatches and lunges at Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Texas snatches at Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Texas (45/25) 10 Ring Rows 400m Run  5 rounds   How to Dumbell Snatch Preparation

Stand with feet apart and toes pointing outward slightly. Position dumbbell in front of thigh with knuckles forward.
Squat down with back arched and lower dumbbell between knees with arm straight and shoulder over dumbbell. Pull dumbbell up by extending hips and knees. Jump upward extending body. Shrug shoulders and pull dumbbell upward with arm allowing elbow to pull up to side, keeping elbow over dumbbell as long as possible. Aggressively pull body under dumbbell. Catch dumbbell at arm’s length while moving into squat position. As soon as dumbbell is caught on locked out arm in squat position, squat up into standing position with dumbbell overhead.
Lower dumbbell to front of shoulder, then down to original position in front of thigh. Repeat.

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