Ring Rows and Turkish Get Ups

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Ring Rows and Turkish Get Ups

Turkish Get Ups at Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Texas WOD 4 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 4 TGU (53/35) 4 Pistols (R & L) Benefits of learning and practicing the Turkish Get Up: -improved shoulder and hip mobility -improved shoulder and hip stability – development of true core strength and stability – increased shoulder range of motion (shoulder rehab) – increased grip strength – strong and solid shoulders – improved ability to overhead press – increased coordination -improved posture Benefits of Pistols: Out of the list of physical skills that CrossFit nurtures and develops, the pistol tests four out of those ten skills: strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. What separates the pistol from the standard 2-legged air squat is that the pistol practices and develops unilateral loading of one leg. Through this unilateral loading, one can diagnose any differences in leg strength, balance, or flexibility between the right and left legs.]]>

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