Ring Plank and EMOTM

Today’s WOD  Ring Plank and EMOTM SWOD A1. 4 x 2 Floor Press A2. 1 min Ring Plank x 3 Ring Plank and EMOTM. CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Tx Ring Plank and EMOTM. CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Tx WOD Every Minute on the Minute 5 Push Ups 10 Russian KB Swings (AHAP)   The Kettlebell Swing is not only the basis but one of the biggest differentiators between Kettlebell Training and other strength and conditioning systems. The Kettlebell Swing “reverse engineers” the practitioner’s hips by the development of the hip hinge, hamstring and glute recruitment through the pop and lock required to execute the movement properly. The Kettlebell Swing has so many benefits, yet many go untapped through poor execution. I’ve had people walk into my gym claiming “I love to swing, I do tons of them all of the time.”  Then I watch them swing….. I don’t know where the heck they learned to “swing”, but now I know why they thought that swings were easy! No eccentric/concentric motion, shoulder’s not packed, legs bent at the top and to much at the bottom,  lats not engaged, power leaks all over! When you are swinging, think of “hips and grips”. It’s also very important that you go between full relaxation and full tension. This is how to develop incredibly useful strength!]]>

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