Goblet Lunges and Intervals

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Goblet Lunges and Intervals

WOD  Goblet Lunges and Intervals SWOD Goblet Lunges and Intervals. Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave A1. Goblet Lunges x 10 A2. Side Plank x 30sec (R &L) A3. KB Tricep Extension x 10 1min Rest 3 Sets WOD 30sec On/30 Sec Off A. Med Ball Sit Ups (20/14) B. Goblets Squats (53/35) C. Mountain Climbers D. 1 arm DB Push Press (45/25) Interval training involves alternating periods of high intensity work with periods of lower intensity work, usually, but not always above and below anaerobic threshold. By alternating periods of higher intensity work with lower intensity work several things are accomplished: The amount of high intensity work is maximized. If you were to try to hold an intensity above anaerobic threshold for as long as possible you would fatigue in just over 20 minutes. If you were to do 6 x 5 minute work intervals with a rest period in between you would have done 30 minutes of work above threshold. Since the volume of work above threshold was higher it should give you a greater training effect. The same holds true for VO2 max and anaerobic intervals. During the work period of the interval you will be producing lactic acid, which your body will have to deal with during the rest period. Active slow twitch muscle fibers are capable of using lactic acid as an energy source. Repeatedly exposing your body to moderate levels of lactate and then allowing it to recover gradually trains your body to become more efficient at lactate removal as you r body develops the enzymes necessary to convert lactate back to glycogen or glucose. This will translate into lower lactate and faster times during a race since you will be able to deal with the lactate as it is produced. Of course this training effect will only happen if you have done adequate base training. Goblet Lunges and Intervals. Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave]]>

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