Back Squats and Hand Stands

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Back Squats and Hand Stands

SWOD 5 x5 Back Squats 4 x 30 Sec Hand Stand Holds WOD Back Squats and Hand Stands. Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave Back Squats and Hand Stands. Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave 4 Rounds for Time 400m Run 12 Hollow Rocks 15 Wall Balls (30/20) hollow rocks Wall Balls The Wall Ball movement itself consists mainly of a front squat, a push press, and a catch. Start in a standing position, 16-24 inches away from the wall, holding the medicine ball at chin level as if you were going to front squat it, then front squat it. The concentric (upward) motion of the front squat should consist of an explosive hip drive and ankle extension, which provides the momentum to continue the movement into a push press. The push press itself then becomes maximally explosive as you use that momentum to throw the medicine ball at the target. You should end this movement with your entire body fully extended, fingers pointing towards the target. Finally, you want to descend back into a front squat while simultaneously and seamlessly catching the ball and bringing it back into the front squat racked position. That’s one rep. Every movement in the Wall Ball should be powerful yet smooth, quick but controlled. There should not really be any pausing when you catch the ball. Beginners tend to throw the ball, catch it standing up, reposition their feet, then squat back down. This is not the ideal flow of the Wall Ball.]]>

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