C & J and KB Snatches

WOD  C & J and KB Snatches SWOD Clean and Jerks WOD 5 KB Snatches R&L (44/26) 5 KB 1 arm Swings 5 KB Bottoms Up Presses      Bottoms Up Press

  1. First of all, take a weight that is significantly lighter than your usual military press weight (Believe me, it’s a whole different ball game when you’re havinglance a kettlebell up on it’s end).
  2. Now, the way I did it, I did a swing clean between each repetition. So once the bell is swung into position (see bottom photo) grip the bell hard, this exercise is all very much about body tension, you need to be ‘tight’ everywhere, no leakages please!!
  3. So, now you’re all under tension, press the bell up slowly, exhaling on the way up remembering to keep those abs tight, keep a neutral grip so your thumb is at the back.
  4. Once you reach the top, pause momentarily before slowly pull the bell back down. This, I feel is very important as this exercise is all about masteringtension and staying in complete control.
  5. Once it’s down with your hand at shoulder level, swing the bell back between your legs and back up coming to rest in the same starting position. That’s it you’re all ready to go again.
  6. I would advise that you keep an eye on the bell the whole time especially whenit is near your face. I have attempted to use my peripheral vision once the bell starts to go up but presently find it a lot harder.

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