Tabata Erasers and Abs

SWOD 3 x Max Rep Strict Pull Ups One of the staples of CrossFit is the kipping pull up. While it can be a movement which generates a lot of power and be an efficient way to move your body from point A to point B, it is not a pull up. I repeat, it is NOT a pull up. Yes, it’s a way to get your chin over a pull up bar and generates more power, blah blah blah… I even say this stuff as a CrossFit coach, because while it is true, there is STILL a clear difference between a kipping pull up and a pull up. Unfortunately, a lot of CrossFitters have become complacent and are perfectly content with their kips, usually on bands. You need to get stronger not only for performance, but for safety. With a huge range of motion in the kip, the shoulder girdle better be strong or it’s going to suffer from injury at some point. And let’s face it, if someone walks in with strict pull ups, I can teach them to kip in 10 minutes. However, I can’t get someone with only kipping pull ups to do a strict pull up in the same amount of time. Strict Pull Ups - Galveston's Crossfit Tidal Wave WOD Tabata 4 Rounds Each A. DB Push Press (45/25) B. Knee to Elbows C. Burpees D. V Ups E. Erasers F. Reverse Crunches Galveston's Crossfit Tidal Wave Galveston's Crossfit Tidal Wave Galveston's Crossfit Tidal Wave Galveston's Crossfit Tidal Wave]]>

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