Floor Press and KB Cleans

SWOD 5/3/1 Floor Press Floor Press - Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave Quite simply, floor presses train many of the areas where we are weak during the bench press. They take our leg drive and stability out of the equation. They force us to slow down the lift and pause at the bottom, thus negating the stretch-shortening cycle.  For all you reactive lifters out there (like me), this can make for a brutally tough lift. And maybe most importantly, we can often use heavier weights in the floor press than we can in the bench press due to the diminished range of motion. While some might look at that as a deterrent, I look at look at it as a positive influence. WOD 10 Kb Cleans (53/35) 200m Run 15 Kb Cleans 200m Run 20 Kb Cleans 400m Run   Contrary to the belief of many beginners, the KB clean is not supposed to be a forearm-toughening exercise! When properly executed, it should land as light as a feather and cause no bruising or pain to either the forearm or shoulder. Make a permanent “note-to-self”: Sharp pain, consistent pain, or bruising usually means one thing—you are doing it wrong! Stop, assess the situation, make the necessary corrections, and then move on. The goal is training—not maiming. KB Cleans - Crossfit Tidal WaveKB Cleans - Crossfit Tidal Wave KB Cleans - Crossfit Tidal Wave (Rx goal sub 7mins)]]>

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