Rows and Split Press

Today’s WOD  Rows and Split Press Strength WOD 3 x 10 KB Bent Over Supported Rows 1/2/1 Tempo Rows and Split Press - Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave Varying tempo, or changing the rate at which you perform the different parts of a lift, is an excellent way to overcome a plateau and shock the body into adapting. Time under tension governs the amount of stimulus a muscle is exposed to. For instance, performing a set of 10 repetitions of squats with 60 kg at a 1-second-up and 1-second-down tempo is quite different from the same weight and reps at a 1-second-up and 4-second-down tempo. The difference is in the time exposed to tension. The first variation takes 20 seconds, while the second variation takes 50 seconds. That is a 30-second difference in the time the muscles are exposed to the weight. WOD 7 Kneeling Split Press R & L (44/26) 12 Side Bends (AHAP) 100 Single Unders For QUALITY Rows and Split Press - Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave   The cool thing about a split stance position is it alters the tension on the pelvis to help someone find a neutral spine a lot easier than in a square stance, especially since most people these days tend to harvest cubicle farms and sit in a hip flexed position most of the time. This leads to bilateral changes in the hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, and quads that make getting into neutral difficult when standing in a square stance with tension on both sides pulling the person into a classic Janda Lower Cross syndrome. Having a measure of lateral stability will help to improve the resiliency of the spine and core muscles so that small perturbations in rotation or lateral flexion don’t cause you to hate life for a few days.]]>

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