Khan's 100th Class

Today was my 100th CrossFit class… I want to share my thoughts with you… I know that I am making a big deal about this, but for me it is a huge deal… I want to thank Shaun & Taylor for helping me… I did not know how out of shape I was till I joined CrossFit… My first class sucked, I have no idea how I had the courage to come to the second class… The first few weeks of coming to class, I was scared of the workout(s)… I am so glad that my fear has become a passion and my health has become a major goal in my life… I have met so many outstanding people in our class… It’s so great to see so many people with a common goal… Fitness… Starting CrossFit is so intimidating, but so rewarding… I could not have gotten this far without the support such outstanding folks in our class… I know I made most of you look really good by always finishing last… But without your kind words and encouragement, I would have failed… So thank you everyone… And Yes, I do believe that we are a cult… As a small token of my appreciation, I have made CrossFit T-shirts for you… These shirts are a celebration of our success… Anyone who has done 100 classes will get the T-shirt… All you have to do is 10 Burpees and 10 meters Bear Crawls to collect the T-Shirts… (Things that I hate the most… ) Thank you all again for your support and friendship… The shirts will be available on Wednesday and Shaun/Taylor will ensure there distribution… I have ordered 8 different colors, my suggestion is if you like a certain color… Come to class… Thank you!!! Khan SWOD 4 x 7 Weighted Lateral Step Ups 3 x 10 KB Crush Curls white stepcrush curls WOD 15min AMRAP 3 Wall Walks 5 Bear Crawl/Crab Walks 7 Pull Ups 10 Pistols The foundation of how we all work towards improved strength and power begins with efficient movements. In order to fully appreciate these fundamentals we first must realize the importance of primitive movement patterns. Primitive movement patterns are used to describe those movements most humans explore during growth and development. These fundamental movements include rolling, pushing up, quadruped, and crawling. It may be difficult to understand how movements such as crawling or rolling relate to strength and performance enhancement, however development of fundamental movement is the foundation that leads to effective functional performance. This foundation is often neglected in the approaches we take to enhance function and/or performance through exercise programming. The first rule of functional performance is not forgetting fundamentals. We enter this world as infants with unrestricted mobility; we then learn to stabilize quickly progressing to movement. In order to progress to movement we first learned to reflexively stabilize the spine, in order to control movement more distally in the extremities, this happened naturally during growth and development. However, many individuals lose the ability to naturally stabilize as they age due to asymmetries, injuries, poor training or daily activities. The individuals who do this develop compensatory movements, which then create inefficiencies and asymmetries in fundamental movements. bear2crab walk]]>

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