Unilateral Deadlifts and Frog Stands

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Unilateral Deadlifts and Frog Stands

Strength WOD A1. 4 x 8 KB Single Leg Deadlifts A2. 30 Sec Frog Stand Practice When using the single leg dead lift pattern in the warm-up it can serve as an especially great  balance and proprioception drill for beginners. Have you ever seen someone perform their first ever SLDL? More often than not they almost fall over. With some repetition and coaching however a trainee can often improve quickly. The ankle stabilizers like the anterior tibialis, peroneals and gastrocnemius all must fire to help maintain balance in response to the movement of the upper body.   frog single leg dl frog WOD 20-15-10 Single Arm KB Swings (53/35) Spiderman Push Ups Plate V-Ups (45/25) spiderman pushup]]>

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