Mile Run and Barbell Curls

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Mile Run and Barbell Curls

If you want to run faster and farther you’ve got to improve your running economy, or how efficiently your body uses oxygen. Like the fuel economy of a car, the less oxygen and energy you need to run at a certain pace, the longer you can go without ending up, well, gassed.  Floppy form means wasted energy. Research has shown that through practice you can become more economical. Practice running with good form at a pace that feels comfortable from start to finish. You shouldn’t be huffing and puffing, or moving so slowly that it feels unnatural. Over time, your gait will become more efficient. If you’re a beginner, just focus on logging miles. If you’re more experienced, add speedwork. Increasing the force in your stride will make your running feel easier. The more powerfully you can push off the ground, the less effort each stride will take, and ultimately it will be easier to run faster. You’ll feel like you have more strength in reserve. Strength WOD 10-1 Barbell Curls Banded Tricep Pushdowns Barbell Curls at Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave Push Down's at Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave]]>

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