1k Row and DB Snatch

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In CrossFit we use the erg primarily for short sprints (e.g. 20 calories) and some middle distance work, like 500 or 1000 meters. Very rarely do we go beyond the 1000-meter threshold.

With short rowing workouts being the order of the day, there are three keys for using the erg to your advantage in a WOD.

The key is efficiency of technique. It’s possible to get good scores on the concept2dave snatch vicki snatch and utilize it almost as a rest period, similar to how someone with efficient double-unders can rest. Clean up your technique using the tips above and you’ll notice you’ll be less fatigued after a fast 500-meter row, with more energy leftover for the other movements. If you’re pounding on the erg with terrible technique expect some sore forearms, back, and hamstrings!

Workout of the Day (WOD) 3/3/ DB Snatch + 20Abmats 6/6/20 9/9/20 ascending up the ladder by 3 reps for 10 minutes]]>

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