2 Year Anniversary !

halloween wod #1 Today is our two year anniversary; I almost left the gym without realizing it last night. When I did, I stopped and looked around for a minute and had some realizations. I thought about things that make us a great facility, things that make it a great CrossFit gym and things about our people. So here you go, five topics you should know about CrossFit Tidal Wave: new gym 3 5. Location & Facility We are located in the amazing Health District building in the historic district of Galveston, Tx. We are so proud to be a part of the up and coming Health District with other great new businesses. CrossFit Tidal Wave fits in nicely; being close to the Strand, now free parking and everything that Downtown has to offer. Our Facility has grown – from our original location of 1,800 square feet to nearly 4,000 square feet of open space! 24ft ceilings and a great loft that allows us to offer 55+ hours per week of classes and additional resources to our athletes such as massage and rehab/athletic trainer hours. Our new facility now two showers as well as central air. I know “CrossFit doesn’t need A/C”, but it keeps control of the humidity making for a more efficient workout experience. In the last year we have also added a partnership with Mainland CrossFit in Texas City so that  a membership at either facility allows to workout at both. 4. Equipment We have spent the last two years evaluating new products and bringing our people the best equipment on the market. We are a well outfitted box. Enormous Pull Up rig: 20+ people need to be on a rig at once? We can handle that. 20 barbells: we have trainer bars, beater bars, Oly bars, etc. Thousands of pounds of weights. Kettlebells from 8 to 100lbs. Dumbbells from 5 to 75lbs (more coming). What a cardio focus? 4 Concept2 rowers, two airdynes and dozens of jump ropes and mapped out running routes. We have gymnastic mats, gymnastic rings, bands, abmats, plyo boxes, slam balls, medicine balls, mobility tools and more. NEW GYM 3. Programming & Offerings CrossFit Tidal Wave offers an average of 55 classes per week. Our regular calendar includes CrossFit WOD, Competition Programming,  Multiple Saturday WODs , weekly Open Gym, Community WOD for first-timers and friends, Beginner’s Course introduction to CrossFit, Ladies Only Boot Camp, Fencing . Outside of these CrossFit offerings, Tidal Wave offers Yoga, Olympic Lifting, Injury Prevention Clinics and massage! There’s even nutrition and retail options like Advocare, Nutriforce, Xendurance, Kill Clif, and other specialty CrossFit products. https://gymsingalveston.com/crossfit-schedule-workout-for-galvestons-crossfit-facility-tidal-wave/ In two years, we’ve programmed hundreds (thousands?) of workouts. Right now we’re in the middle of a 18  week programming cycle. We know what works, what doesn’t, how to adjust for individuals and how to train large groups. Every day and every WOD is a learning experience for our athletes. Every day makes us stronger in the gym and in leading the direction of the gym. Galveston CrossFit 2. Staff & Education Compared to other CF gyms, we have a relatively small staff of five. The advantages I see in having a small coaching staff include personal attention that I believe every athlete looks for in a gym. And by personal attention, I hope and trust that our athletes trust our coaches with their safety, feel a bond with them that they are comfortable pushing themselves to uncomfortable places where they see gains and growth. We have a great time together, and that atmosphere is contagious; we all want to come to the gym and WOD together, challenge each other and celebrate PR’s together. https://gymsingalveston.com/coaches-at-galveston-texas-crossfit-facility/ We take continuing education very seriously at Tidal Wave. Between our five coaches currently on staff, we have a combination of… CF L-1, KB, Kids, Strongman, Powerlifting,  Olympic Lifting, Mobility, USAW Level 1 Sports and Performance Coach, and all of us are American Heart Association CPR & First Aid certified! Our athletes come to us each day eager to learn and grow as athletes and we expect the same dedication from our coaching staff. CrossFit Tidal Wave Holiday Social in Galveston Texas In the next six months, we anticipate five new certifications to be added to our wall. We don’t take the certifications for the piece of paper. We participate, take notes, discuss them with the team when we come back and figure out how to implement new knowledge into our day to day at the gym. Sitting in a class is one thing, proactively utilizing your new knowledge is another! 1. Community Galveston CrossFit It’s you guys (and gals). You’re the reason we work our butts off every day. Trust me, my alarm would never get set at 3:45am if I didn’t know there’d be a bunch of smiling faces waiting for me – seriously, you people are cheerful(…ish) all of the time. We have great people and we love seeing you develop into great athletes. You’re friends, cheerleaders, training partners in the gym. Then when someone wants to run a Spartan Race, you sign up. If someone needs a sub for a competition league, you show up. We have potlucks, you bring food and your families. Or parties. Or Beach Wods. Or Community Outreach! Whatever it is, the community that has developed at CFTW is one to be rivaled and we love you for it. moody 2]]>

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