5/3/1 Sumo Deadlift and Box Jumps

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5/3/1 Sumo Deadlift and Box Jumps

sumo deadlift chloe galveston crossfit5/3/1 Sumo Deadlift and Box Jumps Today’s  strength workout (SWOD) is finishing up the 5/3/1 cycle with the Sumo Deadlift. The sumo deadlift, in my opinion, became popularized by the Russian lifters who are historically all technicians of the sport. The mindset stereotypically of conventional deadlifters’ of “grip it and rip it” definitely doesn’t apply to the technically demanding lift of sumo deadlifts, and may have led to the misconceptions about raw sumo deadlifts. Sumo deadlifting is a lift that requires patience, dedication, and attention to detail. This is not to say that conventional deadlifting doesn’t require these attributes, but in my opinion, they are required in greater quantity when starting to deadlift sumo. I like to look at the sumo deadlift as a masterpiece, rather than a test of true brute strength. johnny sumo deadlift  crossfit tidal wave In terms of foot placement, there is no one size fits all approach to setting up. A lot of factors come into play such as hip mobility, biomechanics, and individual lifter strengths. While there is no one answer to this question, it can make or break a lifters’ ability to deadlift sumo. A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to the angle of the shin in the bottom position of the setup, and to start with the shins slightly past perpendicular to the bar. Strength Workout (SWOD) 5/3/1 Sumo Deadlift * Sleeper Stretch *10 External Band Rotations Today’s Metcon falls under the theme this week of short and brutal….but only if you challenge yourself. This WOD is only as difficult as you make it. If you grab a small box and a light kettlebell you will be done in 4mins without breaking a sweat. Take a chance and scale up (minding form of course). Workout of the Day (WOD) 7 Rounds for Time 7 KettleBell Swings (russian) AHAP 5 Box Jumps (30/24) kb swing tidal wave crossfit]]>

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