Banded Deadlift and Shoulder to Overhead

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Banded Deadlift and Shoulder to Overhead

Banded Deadlift Competition WOD at CrossFit Tidal Wave Today’s Strength Workout is the introduction of accommodating resistance. Zatsiorsiky defines accommodating resistance as using special means to accommodate resistance throughout the entire range of motion rather than a specific point. Because of some joint angles and the velocity of movement, the force of the movement is less at certain joint angles. For example, in the barbell squat you may be able to quarter squat 500 pounds while you can only full squat 300. Another common example is the standard dumbbell curl. The force at the beginning is much greater than the force at the top. The Banded Deadlift makes the lift more difficult at the higher portion of the strength curve by increasing tension at the top range of motion. Strength Workout (SWOD) A.Banded DL @ 70% 4 x 5 A.2 DB bench press 3 x 8 Side Plank 30 sec R&L CrossFit Tidal Wave Workout of the Day (WOD) WOD 2 CrossFit Galveston 40 sec. amrap DL  135/85 40 sec. amrap hang power clean  135/85 40 sec. amrap S2O 135/85 rest 1 minutes 4 Rounds WOD Galveston CrossFit .]]>

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