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Barbells For Boobs

On November 23rd CrossFit Tidal Wave will be hosting a fundraiser/Open Workout for Barbells for Boobs. (a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere.)

Barbells for boobs hosted by Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston, TX.

The event will be an workout designed for all fitness levels as well as a separate workout designed for the more experienced athlete. There will be multiple heats of participants.   To participate in the event you must register on our Prices page under the Events section. The minimum registration fee is $25. The first 200 participants will receive a participation t-shirt. There are multiple levels of donation available on our registration site ($25, $35, $50, and $100). These levels all gain you entry and a t-shirt but it also allows you to donate more to the cause to help out if would like to give more than the $25 entry fee.   FAQ Q: There are two workouts? Which one should I do? A: The Lisa is the beginner workout more suited for beginners and people inexperienced with Olympic Lifts. It is a five minute long workout with 3 exercises (Burpees, KettleBell Deadlifts, and Farmer’s Walk).  These 3 exercises will be done in a 5 minute circuit.   The Grace is for the experienced CrossFitter or someone with OLYMPIC lifting experience. These are technical lifts done with high reps. To do these properly you must have had prior coaching .  The Grace is 30 Clean and Jerks for Time. If you would like to practice the movements before the event CrossFit Tidal Wave is having a free Saturday workout before the event at the facility (2324 Market) on Nov 16th at 8m, 9am, 10am to help familiarize people with details of the exercises.   Here is a video of Rich Froning completing the Grace.
Q: What if I can’t lift the weights for the Grace? A: The Grace workout calls for 135lb for Men and 95lbs lifted for women. If you can not do these weights YET, then we will have a scaled heat for those not quite up to those numbers. ( 95 and 65lbs for men, and 65 and 45lbs for women).

Barbells for boobs hosted by Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston, TX.The event check ins will begin at 7:45am at the CrossFit Tidal Wave facility at2324 Market St.

Contact CrossFit Tidal Wave for Sponsorship opportunities. Shaun McCrary Taylor Wilson 832-705-9852 Send Email to [email protected]

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