Bench Press and Plate Punches

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Bench Press and Plate Punches

Tidal Wave CrossFit Today we are working with the 3 phase Bench Press of the 5/3/1 template. The bench press is a great measure of upper-body strength, but as many lifters often ignore, it’s also outrageously technical – that is, if you want to move big weight. If you’re happy with moving 200 pounds like a grandma shoveling snow, then certainly, disregard the following paragraph. A technically sound bench press rests solidly on a foundation built by tension. Even though your back is resting soundly on a pad, looseness promotes energy leaks that demote power output. Since the body is a large piece of equipment, and the bench requires a great deal of technical tightness, let’s examine full-body tension in list form.

  • Is your grip tight, and are your wrists straight?
  • Have you “broken the bar?”
  • Is your chest pushed up to the bar?
  • Is there so much air in your abdomen that you feel it pressing into your spine?
  • Are your feet pressed into the floor with so much force that your glutes feel like they could cramp?
If you answered no to any of these questions then you aren’t tight enough. If you want the rest of your bench press problems to disappear, you must start here. Strength Workout (SWOD) 3 x 3 Barbell Bench Press Workout of the Day (WOD) 1min Each Station 4 Rounds CrossOver Push Ups Double Unders Plate Punches 1min Restcrossover push ups crossfit tidal wave plate punch crossfit tidal wave]]>

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