Best 6 Pack Workout Secrets Revealed

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Best 6 Pack Workout Secrets Revealed

Noah knows the Secret[/caption] Best 6 Pack Workout Secrets Revealed Welcome. I am about to divulge the best routine for a strong visible 6 pack that has ever been released in the modern world. If you have read those click-baity articles that state “Trainers hate this guy”….this program is at least 1.2x more effective than that ! For real…I am not kidding. Step 1: Check to see if you have visible abdominals ? (Yes or No) If answered Yes: Congratulations. You can look down. Maybe you are skinny and were blessed with low body fat % or you worked really hard to get them. Hi five yourself. If answered No: Do you eat more than you should? Abdominals will not be visible through body fat no matter how many “long and lean” abdominal workouts you do. No 45 min plank challenge will change that. Nutrition first. Get your diet in check. [caption id="attachment_11802" align="alignnone" width="720"] Charlie knows the secret[/caption] [caption id="attachment_11391" align="alignnone" width="720"] Idan does as well[/caption] Step 2: Ask yourself A.”Do I want to be fit with abs?” or B.”Do I want to look fit with abs?”  A. If you answered A here is a good program to help you along your way. 1. Eat foods in an amount that allows you to train with an intensity that will burn bodyfat. Eat whole natural food sources as much as possible in the right amounts. Track your food choices and make sure they align with your goals. 2. Lift heavy stuff or moderately heavy stuff often. Squat, Press, Pull, Carry, Throw, with frequency. There are plenty of good programs that can help with that. 3. Do exercise at an intensity that makes you uncomfortable sometimes (it is all relative) to illicit bodyfat loss. 4.  Be more active in general. B. If you answered B have you looked into . 3. “But what about the ABs workouts I see posted on pinterest or Instragram that show a fitness model doing 439 abs exercises ?” Just know that no matter how many ab exercises you do it will not change how close they are to the surface. If bodyfat is obscuring your rocking six pack no amount of high rep low intensity workouts will change that. Bodyfat is systemic which means “you lose it everywhere”. Now a strong core is a great sign of health and abs are nice to look at the two do not always go hand in hand. I know this was a little tongue in cheek but “1,000” rep ab routines are generally pointless for visible abs and if you still hold too much bodyfat no ab routine is going to change that. Eat the right foods in the right amounts, be active often, and work hard and you will be 1000 steps ahead those that follow the billion reps for abs crowd. Best 6 Pack Workout Secrets Revealed]]>

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