Chin Ups and Dips Metcon

Today’s Strength WOD is designed to develop maximal chin up strength.  This is two fold. Most of you know how I feel about kipping outside of a competition, so this will help develop the necessary shoulder girdle stability to get there  if you ever decide to. Also being able to Chin Up with an extra 90 pounds hanging from you will make those MetCons with high repetition pull ups and chin ups quite a bit easier. The MetCon portion is a challenging race to max out on slam balls (explosive flexion) and ring dips.  Now I MUST STRESS that once your range of motion begins to suffer on the dips either rest until it returns or regress to a stationary bar dip.  Going to failure on ring dips can be problematic for the shoulder so listen to your body. Strength WOD 5 x 5 Chin Ups (1 minute rest) Coaches Corner: Tips for chin ups *Only pull to a vertical humerus(not behind) *Make sure you are moving your “scaps” around your rib cage *Brace core, activate your anterior neck, and activate your glutes *No forward head posture which can contribute to anterior scapular tilt *Listen to your body. If your elbows are “sketchy” be CAREFUL.

Burpees at CrossFit Tidal Wave in GalvestonRing Dips at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Texas

WOD (Workout of the Day) 90 second  Work 30 second Rest 6 Rounds 0,2,4 = 10 Burpees – Max Rep Slam Balls 1,3,5 = 10 Burpees – Max Rep Ring Dips Ring dips are quite a bit more challenging than bar dips because rings are extremely unstable, thus demanding the utilization of numerous stabilizer muscles in your core and shoulders. Not surprisingly,  this goes a long way in building core strength and preventing injury. *Start in the support position with the elbows locked and hands turned out *Emphasize a long neck and hollow body position *Initiate the dip by sending the shoulder forward *Reach the bottom of the dip with your shoulder below the elbow (just like proper squat position with the hip below knee) *Press back up and finish in the same strong support position in which you started]]>

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