Chin Ups and Squat Cleans

Chin Up Tips by Coach Shaun Chin Ups at CrossFit Tidal Wave Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 4 x 3-6 Chin Ups A2. 1min Handstand Progression Work kara handstand When I teach my clients to do a handstand, I generally take them through the following four stages:

  • Facing the wall
  • Facing away from the wall
  • L-Handstand using a wall
  • Freestanding Handstand work
But before you dive in and start taunting gravity, there are two things that you have to do to get ready for safe and productive handstand work—strengthen your wrists and ingrain the “hollow body” position.

Mastering the Hollow Body

You MUST master the hollow body position if you want a solid handstand. We’re working on a gymnastic-style handstand with a straight body (it’s a much better technique if you’re doing this for training), and that requires a tight core to keep your upper and lower halves working together when inverted. The most important point for the hollow body position is keeping your lower back flat on the floor the whole time. DO NOT progress to the next level in the hold until you can successfully hold it for at least one minute with your lower back fully down on the floor. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you’ve gotten all the juice out of the preceding steps. Here’s the Hollow Body progressions:
  •  Legs bent
  •  Legs straight
  •  Legs straight and extended
  •  Arms extended
This hollow body position is pretty close to how you want to hold your body in the handstand, so having the strength to maintain this position on the floor can make or break your overall progress. Workout of the Day (WOD) 10 Squat Clean Thrusters (135/95) 20 Mountain Climbers 8 SCT 16 Burpees 6 SCT 12 Hand Stand Push Ups 4 SCT melody clean]]>

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