Holiday Havoc and Duality

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Holiday Havoc and Duality

CrossFit Tidal Wave sent multiple teams for CrossFit competitions this past weekend. Holiday Havoc hosted by Genesis Performance and Fitness had two competition divisions: Rx (male/female) and scaled (male/female).  Every athlete was guaranteed three (3) workouts with the top (8) competing in a final championship workout.

Crossfit Competitions Holiday Havoc and Duality Members from @XFitTidalWave

Duality hosted by River City CrossFit in San Antonio is a two person event where athletes competed in four workouts. CrossFit teams competed in three team workouts and one individual workout with the exception of the “Super Scaled” Division which competed in three workouts.

Just like any competitive event these are designed to be a learning experience. You will be surrounded by people that are fitter than most can comprehend; take the intensity of your typical class and multiply it tenfold. Everyone is there for the same reason, and even though it is a competition there is so much love and support in one event.

Crossfit Competitions Holiday Havoc and Duality Members from @XFitTidalWaveYou take away what you need to work on, assess your weaknesses , work on them, and come back to crush your previous performance. If you treat these as an end-all be-all of your abilities you will be discouraged very quickly. The nature of CrossFit is making your weaknesses stronger. These are a great tool to find those weaknesses.

Coaches Corner: To do’s for your next competition event.

A. Take notes of your weaknesses and work on them. B. Realize competitions are different than training. Training prepares you for competition. It seems self explanatory but a lot of newbies train like they are competing everyday. Redlining everyday will at best give diminishing returns and at worst injure you. C. Learn how you could have better prepared for the event itself.

  • Examples: packed food, chairs, water, tents, heaters, lacrosse balls, etc. make a checklist.

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