CrossFit Rowing Clinic in Galveston

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CrossFit Rowing Clinic in Galveston

022115_RowClinic-9956 This past weekend CrossFit Tidal Wave brought in Rice University Rowing Coach Michael Matson to work on Rowing or “ERG” training techniques for the CrossFit athlete.  The seminar was extremely informative as well as practical. 022115_RowClinic-9972 Seminar Recap: 1. The “ERG” and how it functions 2. Proper set up and alignment of the machine to the individual 3. Pre technique work row test 4. Stroke technique breakdown and specifics (joint alignment, sequencing, etc) 5. Finding the best damper setting for you 6. Individual Corrections 7. 250m row retest 8. Q & A 9. Paired rowing for fun 022115_RowClinic-9969 022115_RowClinic-9966 022115_RowClinic-9962 022115_RowClinic-9958 About Row4Rice

Buffalo Bayou Boathouse

Our plans for Rice Crew include the development of a rowing boathouse within the Houston city limits. Despite a metropolitan area containing a population over 6 million, the closest boathouse to Rice, Bay Area Rowing Club in Clear Lake, requires a 62-mile, round-trip drive for each practice! This has been a huge sacrifice for Rice rowers since the team was founded at BARC in 1987. A boathouse on Houston’s Buffalo Bayou, only 7 miles away, cuts our students’ commute by 48 miles and over an hour (mainly due to avoiding the return in Rush Hour traffic) of valuable time that could be used for academic study. With 2-3 cars commuting for each practice, this move will save roughly $20 in gas for each practice. Most importantly, our students won’t be on the road at early morning hours, making the commute significantly safer.]]>

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