CrossFit Benefits over a "Regular Gym"

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CrossFit Benefits over a "Regular Gym"

Are you ready to learn the CrossFit benefits? CrossFit vs. Regular Gyms How does CrossFit Tidal Wave compare to “big box” gyms like LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness? How can working out with pull-up bars and bumper plates be better than working out in a large gym filled with lots of machines, aerobics classes and much more space? Here are just a few reasons why: 1. The Power of Camaraderie. In the big box gym, you are anonymous for the most part. They don’t care if you get a new personal record, your first pull-up, or do perfect squats. At CrossFit Tidal Wave, you will always train with a certified CrossFit Coach whose goal focuses around your success. You will also train with other CrossFitters who really do want you to succeed. We celebrate everyone’s victories and make it fun and motivating to reach your goals! 2. Instruction and Attention. We’re not like regular gym trainers that prevent you from fully understanding their program to protect their job security. Our goal is not to make you dependent upon us so that you have to keep coming back. Our goal is to get you results. You will learn something new every day, and we hope that you’ll come back because of your results and our community. 3. Increased Fitness and Real Results. A typical gym workout consists of isolation movements and extended aerobic sessions. The mainstream fitness community leads you to believe that lateral raises, curls, and leg extensions, combined with long sessions on the stationary bike or treadmill are going to pave the road to fitness. At CrossFit we work exclusively with compound movements and shorter, but higher intensity cardiovascular sessions. Why? Because compound functional movements and relatively high intensity exercise is proven to be much more effective at eliciting nearly any desired fitness result (aka reaching your goals!). 4. Break Free of Routine. Three sets of 10 is not what we do. We use various functional movements, like deadlifts, squats, dips, pull-ups, push-ups, cleans, presses and sit-ups. We run, jump, throw and try new things. We mix these elements in as many combinations as we can. Our workouts are exciting, fun and intense. Routine is our enemy. So, now you’re convinced, but you still have that “big box” membership. What do you do? Well, at CrossFit Tidal Wave we offer 2 free classes for everyone because it is far easier to experience than it is to explain.    More CrossFit FAQs]]>

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