Deadlifts and Side Shuffles

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Deadlifts and Side Shuffles

SWOD (Strength Workout) A1. 4 x 3 (65, 70, 75, 85%) Deadlift A2. 3 x 10 Supraspinatus raise deadlift crossfit tidal wave The supraspinatus is one of the muscles that control movement of the shoulder and upper arm. It runs along the upper groove of the shoulder blade. The supraspinatus is one of the four muscles comprising the rotator cuff of the shoulder. Rotator cuff inflammation and injury are common causes of shoulder complaints. WOD (Workout of the Day) 5 RFT Hang Cleans 5 reps (70% 1 rm) Clapping Push Ups 10 reps Side Shuffle across gym and back 2x oscar clap2 ]]>

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