Floor Press, KB Rows, and Wall Balls

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Floor Press, KB Rows, and Wall Balls

You need an unbalanced approach.[/caption] So days like today are a great predictor of what we are working with. Also, we like to focus on unilateral movements so that we can see gross asymmetries between the push and pull. Strength Workout (SWOD) A. 3 x 8 1 Arm DB/KB Floor Press A2. 3 x 8 1 Arm Bent Over Row 30 sec rest kb floor press Today’s Metabolic workout is a short but challenging Wall Ball WOD.  The key is learning to find a pace and keep that number. The untold secret of CrossFit is efficiency through strategy. This may seem counter intuitive regarding increasing work capacity, but you must estimate the task before you address the work! Workout of the Day (WOD) 100 Wall Balls (30/14) Every minute stop and do 5 Double Unders and then resume your wall balls. Galveston CrossFit wall balls 2]]>

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